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The First of Many

The First of Many

How does one go about starting a blog? Do we paint up our most dazzling outfits to wow everybody? Show off all the amazing food we eat and places we travel just to show the world how fun we are? Maybe we will make witty jokes and post all the cutest photos of our dog…


Maybe I’ll just be me!


My name is Jaydee and I’m currently a Senior at the University of Central Oklahoma graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Marketing program this spring (87 more days)!

The Gossip Shop - Jaydee

Yes, this is me, quite literally jumping for joy on my “last first day of school”… Ever.


So just so we can get to know each other a little better let me tell you just a little about myself.


I love fashion.


I love keeping up with the latest trends and celebrities style to see what they’re up to… (I never said I spent my time wisely). ¯\_()_/¯ 


I enjoy seeing what celebrities wear so I can find a way to pull it off myself, and not look completely ridiculous because this is Edmond, Oklahoma and not New York City.

The Gossip Shop Women's Boutique

Being inspired by what I see on social media reflects on how I choose my own style.


But this can be pricey… So how do I afford my fast fashion lifestyle? Well I had to get a job of course. So, what better way to earn some money than working retail?






The Gossip Shop!


It has been roughly three months that I have been employed at this AH-MAZING store and I am loving every minute of it! Being able to take photos of the outfits and bring them to life in merchandising techniques has been so much fun for me. So when the opportunity arrived for me to start a blog I thought to myself…


“A picture means a thousand words… But a blog I can really get my voice out there!”


As much as being a “public influencer” and “Instagram Famous” would be amazing, I’m just happy that I will be able to share my story, trends, fashion, style, and advice to anyone that is looking for help!


So let me be that person for you…Personal Stylist might I say? Too soon? We’ll get there.


Thanks for sticking out this long on my “Get To Know Me”, “First Blog Ever”, “Am I Even Doing This Right”, “Fake It Til I Make It”, “Road To Victory” first ever blog post.



Jaydee Knox 

The Gossip Shop - Jaydee Knox

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