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Pack Your Bags!

Pack Your Bags!

Let’s be honest, 2019 has been a rough year and we’re not even half way through it. The only thing that has gotten you this far is realizing summer is just around the corner and your vacation days NEED to be put to good use.

My number one issue with traveling is over packing. I’m sure you can relate? You have a four-day vacation and you pack 10 outfits “just in case”.

In what instance are we honestly going to wear all 10 of those outfits?

Why did I pack 4 pair of shoes I haven’t worn in months?

For some reason I’m packing sweaters just in case it’s cold in the hotel room…

Ladies, stop the madness!!

The key is to pack outfits that make you feel GOOD. You would never second guess your favorite dress. This will limit you from bringing “back up”. No need to have back up when you have the "A" team with you!

When I’m taking about a “go to”, “can’t go wrong”, “will never do me wrong”, kind of dress, I’m taking about the t-shirt dress. The dress that doesn’t hug you in the wrong places. The dress you can wear to any occasion. The dress that makes you feel like you’re wearing an oversized shirt, and we are ALL about comfort here.

Behold, the “Valerie” swing dress! Wait here’s the best part…Only $16! The only hard decision here will be what jewelry and shoes to style with this dress... Ladies, don’t worry!

We got this one covered too! The "A" team is not only apparel. Accessories and shoes are just as important as the rest of your outfit.

Pops of color are HUGE right now! So with these blush pink accent pieces you simply can’t go wrong. Throwing on this “Valerie” dress, “Sadie” elastic platform sandals ($29), and oval fringe earrings (#1059) it is a completed outfit that you don’t have to second guess. You could wear this outfit to the pool, dinner, shopping, beach, cruise, literally anywhere!

I’m telling you guys the t-shirt dress can’t be beat. There is no need for “back up” outfits when you can rely on your go-to dress.

Say goodbye to over packing!

No more worrying if you’ll go over the 50-pound luggage limit at the airport!

Never say “you have nothing to wear” again!

This dress can be styled so many ways for all occasions. So c’mon girl. It’s time.

T-shirt dress time.

xoxo your girl,

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